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Effective warehouse and logistics services are crucial to any project’s schedule and overall success. Leveraging more than 40 years of military and commercial logistics expertise, GoE works with you to understand your business objectives and facility requirements to develop a customized warehousing and logistics solution.

By choosing to work with an experienced, knowledgeable provider of these services, our clients maximize productivity, reduce labor costs, and ensure their facilities are adaptable and equipped to stand the test of time.


Necessary Expertise to Consider

Inventory Management

Maximizes workflow efficiency and productivity, reducing the time it takes to move inventory and complete orders. Our thorough GoE plans leverage flexibility, process and technology to effectively manage inventory from its arrival through eventual shipment off site.

Safety & Security

Can include 24/7 monitoring, Cameras, Controlled access, OSHA warehouse standards, PPE for all staff and visiting personnel, Fire safety & prevention plan, and Safe materials storage. GoE is ready to provide recommendations, enforce policies, and ultimately create a culture of safety for all.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies, disasters, accidents, and injuries can occur at any time – usually with limited warning, if any. GoE provides established emergency procedures to follow in the event of an emergency, specifically tailored to your concerns and priorities.

The optimal flow of property in and out of a warehouse will be thoughtfully planned out, yet flexible enough to account for climate, schedule changes, safety, and security.

GoE’s process includes planning for and managing logistical support and warehouse operations and management services for both expendable and non-expendable property, equipment, and supplies.

Understanding that each project is different, we ensure that our process is fully customized to meet the client’s unique needs and objectives. We offer a team of OSHA-certified warehouse and move experts with extensive experience with extensive experience with equipment, supplies, furniture, and materials from initial delivery to the warehouse by the vendor. This highly skilled team offers the right tools to manage and plan your space including:

  • Warehouse Design & Layout Options
  • Customized Rack System Styles
  • Temperature & Climate Control Management
  • Bar Code Scanning Systems




Our team is backed by our web-based tool, GoE-FiT™, which further automates our process and creates efficiencies which directly benefit our clients, as well as a thorough understanding of warehouse management systems (WMS), including Maximo platforms and associated automation peripherals.

Utilizing a WMS offers a range of potential benefits, from reducing errors to enhancing the speed of the system. WMS plays a crucial role in providing real-time insight to a warehouse. Today, the scope of WMS extends beyond the conventional way of storing goods in a warehouse to getting the stock into a warehouse and tracing them with absolute accuracy.

At GoE, we use WMS to:

  • Use real-time data to make informed decisions
  • Maintain organized and efficient inventory and enhanced movement tracking
  • Reduce operating costs and be cost effective
  • Establish positive relations with clients and vendors


When paired with GoE-FiT™, WMS can:

  • Increase warehouse inventory accuracy
  • Enhance order/shipment tracking
  • Reduce inventory handling
  • Improve space utilization
  • Minimize storage costs to maximize existing space
  • Optimize pallet/inventory flow

GoE has a demonstrated record of successfully providing warehouse management services to a range of medical and office facilities across the U.S.

Our tailored solutions include any combination or all the following services:

  • Receiving
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Picking
  • Shipping
  • Delivery
  • Repackaging
  • Shipment handling and tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Transportation

Chula Vista Outpatient Clinic

  • Janitorial services
  • Security services
  • Electric
  • Internet
  • 24’ Ceiling Height
  • Climate Controlled
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Office/Conference Space







VA Long Beach Health Care System

  • Security (wired, but not active)
  • Electric
  • Internet
  • 18’ Ceiling Height
  • Climate Controlled
  • Dock Level Loading
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Office/Conference Space









VA Northern California Health Care System

  • Janitorial Services
  • Security Services
  • Electric
  • Internet
  • Gas
  • 18’ Ceiling Height
  • Climate Controlled
  • Dock Level Loading
  • Roll Up & Man Doors
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Office/Conference Space