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Why Adam Serves

President and CEO Adam Shepherd founded Go Energistics after serving more than 23 years in the armed forces, with collective expertise of over 33 years working on healthcare projects. In that time, he gained invaluable experience as a leader both in and out of the field.

When asked why he serves, Adam cites his own military experience as the foundation for creating Go Energistics with an important mission.

“Our motto really does say it all: we consider it an honor and a privilege to serve those who serve. In building this company, I never strayed far from that ideal because we understand its significance on a personal level. As a retired Veteran, I have been on the other side of the interaction with VA medical services as a customer and patient. I’ve taken that gained insight with me to Go Energistics, and I don’t think I can emphasize enough how much that has impacted us in executing our business.

Today, we’ve created a delivery model that combines the four elements of our core philosophy: shape, transform, evolve and connect, with an added human touch, as we work to create healing environments for both active duty and retired service members. Our team is made up of about forty percent Veterans, many of whom have experienced combat-service related injuries, which puts us in the unique position of supporting facilities as not only the provider, but the customer. We not only understand what is necessary to get the work done technically, but also what our Veterans and their families really want out of their experiences, having been through it ourselves. We strive to account for that in our project planning and execution and, in this way, we are ideally suited to empower our Veterans to receive the best possible care.”

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