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Why Teri Serves

Teri Dorsey-Porter is an expert in getting the message across. She has spent more than 25 years working in marketing, communications and business development strategy; helping companies tell their stories through consistent messaging, engaging campaigns and enhanced internal information-sharing. Since joining Go Energistics in 2017, she has applied her skills towards the noble purpose of “Serving Those Who Serve Others” as the Director of Marketing and SharePoint.

When asked why she serves, she shares how her longstanding love of country, and personal connection to the military, have empowered her to work towards the Go Energistics mission.

“I have always been a deeply patriotic person, even as a little girl. I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, surrounded by battlefields and monuments to the men and women who have served this country. As daughter of a Marine, I’ve always loved visiting these historic sites as they are a true reminder of just how lucky I am to be an American, and how much has been sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy daily.

Teri and her father Tommy, A Marine VeteranTeri and her father Tommy, A Marine Veteran
Teri and her father Tommy, a Marine Veteran
My appreciation only grew as I got older and began to understand the personal sacrifices made members of my family. Three generations in my family have served in the Army, Air Force and Marines including my father, sister, brother, and several cousins. I say ’served’, but my father is quick to remind me ‘once a Marine, always a Marine’. I would eventually marry a military man myself, and you might say that my affection and care for our Veterans was at an all-time high at that point. However, it was compounded ten-fold when two of our sons decided to enlist in the Army, where they continue to serve today. As a mother of enlisted men, I am moved to do what I can to serve our Veteran community. I know my children will eventually be served by the environments we help to create at Go Energistics.

I like to think that I have continued the chain of service set forth by my family in my capacity as a marketer. My career is built around my ability to streamline messaging and get the word out on behalf of my clients. Getting to do this for a company that shares my values and appreciation for our Veterans is an incredible honor.

I’ll never forget sitting down with President and CEO Adam Shepherd to discuss Go Energistics and my potential role in the company. Having spent much of my career working in healthcare, and serving clients within the federal government, I was intrigued by what sounded like a natural match for my skillset and wanted to hear more. Listening to Adam’s impassioned speech on the significance of our mission, I felt called to join and make a difference for future Veterans. That is what keeps me going, I truly believe in our mission and see the faces of my family in every Veteran who enters a facility we work on.”

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