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Why Kelsey Serves

Transition Planner Kelsey Mohamed joined Go Energistics in July 2018, having spent several years in a similar role that was focused on healthcare projects. Prior to that, he served as a Civil Affairs Specialist for the 4th Civil Air Group in the U.S. Marine Corps for eight years, completing a tour in Afghanistan from 2009 to 2010.

He credits his drive in Serving Those Who Serve to his relationships with fellow Marines he served with during his military career.

“I serve at Go Energistics on behalf of my fellow Veterans. When I was stationed in Afghanistan, I was part of a small, tight-knit unit that supported a large infantry battalion, and my fellow Marines became some of my closest friends. So, while I have never utilized VA services myself, I have seen the value of VA healthcare programs in the way they have helped my friends. They provide so much support, not just with this physical health, but mental health as well, which is invaluable to combat Veterans. A very close buddy of mine had trouble adjusting when we returned from Afghanistan and sought help with his PTSD from our local VA. Today, he’s in a much better place thanks to the support he received. When you consider the statistics with Veterans and suicide, they very well may have saved his life.

Unfortunately, I’ve also known people who were not as lucky to receive the appropriate care. I think about that a lot when I do my work and it drives me to work even harder. I am inspired to do anything I can to support my fellow Veterans when they get home and I consider it a privilege to be in a position where I can support programs, such as suicide prevention, that are so close to my heart.

I think I can speak for a lot of people at GoE when I say that the Veterans themselves are the focus of our work, and that our motto truly is a way of life. I knew I wanted to join GoE from my very first interview when I spoke with Adam and Miles about some of the company’s projects, and thought of all my friends who have benefited, or could have benefited from VA services. Coming from the private healthcare sector, I jumped at the chance to apply my skills toward giving back. As if that wasn’t enough, they then invited me to join them for dinner with one of the Veterans they were sponsoring at the time through the Yellow Ribbon Fund. It turned out to be a friend of mine from my own unit who had lost his leg while serving. GoE had elected to pay for his lodging while he received treatment. They had no idea we knew each other, just wanted to welcome me and introduce two local Veterans. After we all had a good laugh about what a small world it is, I was even more convinced that Go Energistics was the place for me.

I joined the military as a man of action, looking to serve my country. At GoE, we are a team that lives by our motto, supporting Veterans through everything that we do. It is an incredible honor to be able to work for a company that shares the sentiment that drove me to serve in the first place: action, not just words.”

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