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Why Ginna Serves

Senior Interior Designer Ginna Dombroskas brings more than 20 years of experience in commercial interior design to Go Energistics. For much of her career, she has focused on the Healthcare industry, using artistic design and functional interiors to create environments that are both efficient and comforting for patients and their families.

When asked why she serves, Ginna calls upon a personal connection with the military through her family as inspiration. Or rather, several connections.

“My drive to ’Serve Those Who Serve‘ comes in large part thanks to my family members who have inspired me through their own service. I come from a family with three generations of military service. My grandfather William Howard, MD, served as an Army Major, while my other grandfather served as an Army Corporal. My father, Ross Fleming, ended up following in the footsteps of his father, eventually achieving the rank Army Lieutenant Colonel, while my brother followed suit as a Navy Chief Petty Officer. Regardless of rank or affiliation, I grew up in awe of the selfless service demonstrated by my family members and keep them close to my heart in all that I do.”

She continues, “This has carried through to my current career as interior designer working in Healthcare. At its core, my job is to help create healing environments. Anyone who has ever visited a hospital can tell you how sterile, cold and scary they can be. Understanding that patients and their families certainly don’t need additional stress, I aim to infuse my designs with warmth and create a more welcoming place for them to heal.

Perception is everything, and the perception of quality and service are linked to the attractiveness of a physical environment. In a clinical setting, a well-designed space can help put minds at ease. When I design spaces that will support our veterans, I often think about my family members who have served and what they’d want. I like to think that I honor them through my work.”

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