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Why Dave Serves

Project Executive Dave Giles has spent much of his career in service – 28 years on Federal Active Duty with the U.S. Army to be exact. In between assignments, he worked for the Health Facility Planning Agency, managing multimillion-dollar projects and utilizing IOT&A to improve the quality of healthcare delivery for his fellow Veterans. Today, as a member of the Go Energistics executive leadership team, he is a driving force in our overall company mission.

When asked why he serves, he shares how IOT&A services, though often overlooked or considered secondary, provide tangible results for patients and end users, and how he is using his experience both as a Veteran and a project manager to improve IOT&A service delivery.

“What strikes me about the IOT&A services we provide as a company, is that while they are crucial to the success of a project, many people don’t even know what they entail. On the surface, these services can be difficult to understand, and that lack of understanding breeds the idea that they are not significant, even unnecessary, when compared to more basic services. But if you dig a little deeper, you realize how much the proper execution of IOT&A will impact the quality of life for patients and staff in any given facility.

Through our IOT&A services, we equip facilities with what they need to be functional, efficient and comfortable, and get them ready to be fully operational on day one without lags in service. Though we are somewhat removed from the final product, we do our work with end users and patients in mind and look to produce results that will benefit overall morale for all who step through the doors of each facility we work on. Having served myself, I can tell you that you need to maintain a high morale if you’re going to get through the tough times. When you think of a hospital or treatment center, you know that most who visit are going through something challenging – either personally or at the side of a loved one. We consider them when we make decisions regarding design and fixtures, looking to create a space that will help to ease that pain. You also have hospital staff, who are breaking their backs working around the clock to provide the best care possible. Thinking of their morale drives us to put in processes and design elements that will help them do their jobs efficiently and comfortably. The same goes for a lab research building. The space may never see patients, but a high staff morale breeds even better research, which will in turn be used to create life-saving practices. All of this is to say, our work always comes back to the patient. While it may seem like a small part of project delivery, it is crucial to the holistic mission.

My ability to improve that quality of life and that morale in healthcare environments for patients, and Veterans in particular, is my main motivator at work. I want to be making an impact in the world of Veteran’s health because I understand the necessity, thanks to both my Veteran status and career in the Army. I can look at spaces with the interests and desires of my fellow Veterans in mind. At the same time, my experience on the client side of IOT&A delivery has enhanced my ability to provide these services under the GoE umbrella because I understand what clients value, and how to best provide them with what they need.

Getting to apply my perspective to my work at GoE is particularly exciting because of our potential as a young organization. I’ve known Adam Shepherd since meeting in the 25th Infantry Division in the 1990s and I think what he’s done in building a company made up of Veterans, who are not just the provider but also the consumer, is incredible. He has assembled a talented team with a wide array of skill sets, many of whom have experience on the consumer side of this product in addition to being Veterans themselves. The opportunity to get creative and work together to develop best practices with this level of understanding is stimulating. I look forward to seeing where we GoE next.”

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