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Why Dan Serves

Project Executive Dan Chavez is no stranger to service. Prior to joining Go Energistics, he spent 20 years in the United States Air Force, retiring February 2018. During his time serving overseas, he gained insight into the experiences of Veterans everywhere, and has vowed to support them now that he has returned.

When asked why he serves, he shares how his reverence for Veterans, and commitment toward giving back, has evolved through time spent in and out of the field.

“My drive in ‘Serving Those Who Serve’ is rooted in the respect and overall sense of gratitude I have for those who have served our nation. Much of that comes from my own time in uniform, working side by side with brave men and women who chose to rise to their very best when faced with some of the worst situations imaginable. Serving in the military helped me understand what truly matters in this life. It’s not about riches or fame, it’s about making a difference and doing all that you can to help your fellow man. If you’ve done that, you’ll go to your grave with a smile knowing you did all in your power to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

My time in the military also put my larger admiration for Veterans in general into a deeper context. Every time you walk into a VA medical facility, you are among seemingly unassuming people whose stories rival any action movie you’ve ever seen. I know this because I saw it first-hand. Unfortunately, when these people need help, due to the nature of who they are, they often don’t want to ask for it. That same sense of pride and duty that has made them heroes makes them not want to appear weak, so they continue to endure trials in silent dignity. For me, the idea that their incredible stories could then end in tragedy due to a lack of readily available or proper care is simply unacceptable. My desire to make it easier for them to get the help they need is the core of what drives me in my work. If I can make an impact on the life of even one Veteran, then I’ve done my job.

What excites me most about my work at Go Energistics is that I am blessed with the opportunity to better the lives of countless Veterans when we supply our expertise directly to healthcare providers. When we Shape, Transform, Evolve and Connect, what we’re really doing is creating processes that allow healthcare providers to focus on Veterans, and Veterans to focus on themselves. We first work to understand current operations, what works and what doesn’t, and offer improvement that might not occur to someone working day-to-day in the facility. We recommend layouts, equipment and technology that will shape and transform the space, with a clear understanding that it can be a challenge to change processes that have been in place for years. We then work to train and prepare the staff, evolving their mentalities to see how our plans will help the Veterans to be cared for in the future. The patient, after all, is the top priority for all involved. In the end, we connect Veterans with cleaner, healthier and more efficient facilities that will greatly improve their quality of life. The way I see it, there is simply no greater reward than that.”

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