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Why Aaron Serves

Senior Project Manager Aaron Card is a natural problem-solver who built his career in project management with an engineering, procurement and construction contractor. Since joining Go Energistics in 2018, he has applied his professional skills toward our mission to “Serve Those Who Serve” with added enthusiasm, which he credits to his background in the U.S. Navy, where he eventually came to understand the value of VA medical services first-hand. Today, he applies that perspective and those lessons learned to his work.

“I have a long history of affiliation with the military, which has made serving those who serve both a personal and professional mission of mine. My grandfather, Joseph MacCord, served in both World War II and the Korean War, and I eventually followed his example as a junior officer in the U.S. Navy. I served for seven years. During which time the VA was there for me when I needed it. Skilled VA professionals helped to restore full use of my left hand after I suffered a partial amputation of the first and second digits.”

He continues, “I am incredibly thankful for the service and care I received from VA medical services, and grateful to now have a career where I can contribute to ensuring other Veterans will receive the best possible care. I feel very lucky to be able to apply my professional skills towards that ultimate goal.

At Go Energistics, I am joined by a team that shares that sentiment and drive to support Veterans. To do this, we consider the perspectives of staff, customers and all other relevant stakeholders, and scour the details of each project looking for ways to create a seamless experience, always keeping the Veterans themselves in mind. We employ our core philosophy: shape, transform, evolve and connect to ensure that we will improve the experience for all those who enter the doors of the facilities we work on. For me, the most significant element of our philosophy is “connect” as, at its core, our role is about problem-solving and driving efficiency. When we offer our unique technological solutions that connect the expertise of our clinicians to VA professionals, we create new efficiencies that will support Veterans long after we’ve exited.”

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